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Alkaline Water

A common question patients ask, is what do I think of Alkaline water machines.  Here is the best response I have seen yet, from drmercola.com

Heavy Metal Toxins

Hair Analysis is an effective method for testing for heavy metal load in the body.

Scientifically Proven Facts About Mercury & Dental Amalgam
Authorised by the Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Chemicals Within Us

National Geographic looks at the accumulation of environmental toxins in the human body.

Watch a video of :
How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration
University of Calgary
Department of Medicine

Many people are aware of concerns reported in the media regarding certain plastics and their potential for adverse effects on health. This user-friendly guide to understanding plastics found in the house, what they contain, and what the alternatives are is scientifically sound.

My sister always insisted that chocolate was a vegetable, maybe she was right. Recent research indicates that small amounts of 70% cocoa has marked health benefits

As Americans take an ever-increasing array of prescription and over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements the nation’s patients and doctors find themselves facing a growing problem — too many patients are unwittingly taking dangerous combinations of drugs.

Research is proving what natural medicine has known for a century, that healthy gut flora is essential for good health

Prolotherapy is also known as nonsurgical ligament reconstruction, and is a treatment for chronic pain

ElectroDermal Analysis: A Scientific Correlation with Pathophysiology... read about studies in the use of electro-dermal testing

The Effects of Naturopathic Medicine on Health Outcomes in Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Blinded Parallel-group Study

Asthma Drugs Recall

The Truth about Aspartame
and artificial sweeteners

"MSG" is a Slow Poison

Anti-inflamatory drugs weaken ligaments and tendons

Conflict of Interest between pharmaceutical companies and researchers.
New York Times

Chronic Kidney Disease Affects Millions by Ingrid Pincott ND

Influenza Virus (flu) & Vaccination,
a Naturopathic Approach.

By: Dr. Hal Brown

Originally Published in Naturopathic Doctor News and Review [NDNR]

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Articles:

Regenerative Injection Therapy and PRP are well known and used by Professional athletes:

Platelet injection for tennis elbow may replace surgery

By American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

At 6 months post-treatment, the PRP-treated patients' visual analog pain scores had improved 81 percent over their baseline scores. At a 2-year evaluation, 93 percent of these patients reported "complete satisfaction" with the treatment and 7 percent were "partially satisfied." Nearly all of the PRP-treated patients had returned to the activities of daily living and over 90 percent had returned to work or sporting activities.

Platelet Rich Concentrates: Basic Science and Current Clinical Applications

  Journal of Orthopedic Trauma; volume 22, Number 6, July 2008

Summary of Conclusions:

The enhancement of healing by the placement of supraphysiologic concentration of autologous platelets at the site of tissue injury or surgery is supported by basic science... Research has revealed that the role of platelets is much more involved than simply ‘‘plug’’ formation; they are responsible for actively extruding growth factors, which initiate soft tissue healing, bone formation, and stem cell recruitment. These growth factors and cytokines are proteins stored in the alpha granules of the platelets, which are expressed with trauma or surgery... , PRC has been shown to enhance human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation in both in vitro and in vivo studies...

For more on PRP Platelet Rich Plasma


Prolotherapy Articles:

There was an interestingProlotherapy article titled: Injections to Kick-Start Tissue Repair, that was published in the New York Times on August 7, 2007

Prolotherapy for Musculo-skeletal Pain

A primer for pain management physicians on the mechanisms of actions
and indications for use. Journal of Practical Pain Management Jan/Feb., 2007

Prolotherapy for Low Back Pain

Journal of Practical Pain Management  May, 2007

Sweet Relief

The Scientific Research Behind Prolotherapy / RIT

Biomechanics, Sept. 2004 by K. Dean Reeves, MD 

Prolotherapy for Knee Pain

Journal of Practical Pain Management  July, Aug., 2007

Prolotherapy: Dextrose Prolotherapy forUnresolved Neck Pain

In this study, 97 out of 98 patients with chronic neck pain showed substantial improvement in numerous outcome measures. The improvements in these patients continued through follow up—18 months after conclusion of prolotherapy treatments—and demonstrates the efficacy of this treatment modality.

Palm Beach Spine & Pain Institute Offers Prolotherapy As
An Effective, Minimally Invasive Treatment For Chronic Injury

Sept. 28, 2007

Recently endorsed by the Florida Academy of Pain Medicine. Prolotherapy is sparking renewed interest, particularly with regard to treating repetitive stress injuries in professional athletes. In 2005, the Mayo Clinic endorsed prolotherapy, saying it may be helpful when ligament or tendon pain fails to respond to prescribed physical therapy. The procedure is endorsed by former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, and is part of clinical trial being conducted by National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (National Institute of Health.)


Naturopathy Articles:

Understanding the Differences Between Conventional, Alternative,
Complementary, Integrative and Natural Medicine

Anna MacIntosh, PhD, ND
Dean of Research, National College of Naturopathic Medicine,

Portland, Oregon USA

Canadian Use of Alternative Medicine

The Majority of Canadians Use Complementary Medicine. A 2007 survey confirms 1990s data on CAM wasn't a "phase.  Read the recent Fraser Institute report on CAM and Canadians.

New York Times Article on Naturopathic Medicine

"When Trust in Doctors Erodes, Other Treatments Fill the Void"

Naturopathic Treatment for Depression

Wall Street Journal looks at the Naturopathic approach to treating depression without medication.

History of Manipulation

Wat Po Temple Statue of Traditional
Manipulation.  Bankok, Thailand


The history of the manipulation of human articulations, including the spine and extremities, goes back to the time of Hippocrates (640 BC) in the western world.

It is evident throughout Asia in Japan and India; and in China a distinct branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine called Tui Na is devoted to manipulative techniques. Documents in China date back to 2700 B.C.

Manipulation was also practiced in Egypt, Babylon, Syria, and Tibet. Polynesians, Native American Indians and the natives of Central and South America have used it. Many European countries have a long tradition of bonesetters.

The first North American professions distinctly devoted to the art of manipulation were the osteopaths. Andrew Taylor Still who formed the first college in 1892 in Missouri introduced it. Chiropractic originated with Daniel David Palmer in 1895, he began the first college in Davenport Iowa.

Up until 1955, Naturopathy and chiropractic were taught in the same colleges and naturopathic students studied chiropractic as part of their education. The presence of a strong program of physical medicine and manipulative therapies still continues in naturopathic colleges to-day. The study of spinal manipulation is still a requirement for graduation from all naturopathic colleges and for provincial licensure.


Dr. Hal Brown

Naturopath Vancouver BC

Chemicals Within Us

National Geographic's October 2006 issue looks at the accumulation of environmental toxins in the human body. The magazine spent $15,000 to discover a fightening accumulation of chemicals and metals stored within the author's body. Unfortunately the writer is not aware of the benefits of naturopathic detoxification and heavy metal chelation.  Testing to this extent is beyond most people's budgets, but simple screening tests available at the Integrative Healing Arts clinic can indicate whether the body is carrying a heavy metal load, and if the liver and kidneys are capable of detoxifying effectively.

"Study Questions Need to Operate on Disk Injuries"

Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA]

A study of over 2,000 low back pain patients was recently reported in the New York Times. The study clearly demonstrated that patients with lower back pain that had surgery, may have had a short term improvement in pain, but after 3-6 months they were no better off than those that did nothing but wait. As well the study demonstrated that waiting for surgery did not put a patient at risk for further aggravation of the condition.

This study does not address the issue of what I and many physical medicine doctors observe clinically, which is the re-occurence of lower back pain years after surgery in many patients.  It also does not address the benefit from manipulation, acupuncture prolotherapy and other naturopathic treatments in the long term improvement of those cases, whether they had surgery or just waited.


The Cancer Smart Consumer Guide

A full 36 pages, the Cancer Smart Consumer Guide offers a wealth of leading edge research and information on carcinogens, reproductive toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are found in brand name household cleaning products, personal care products, plastics, pesticides and home maintenance products. It offers practical strategies for eliminating toxins and suggested alternatives and product

Cancer Story on CBC
After fighting the disease herself, Marketplace's Wendy Mesley is asking
questions about our rising cancer rates. She's getting some disturbing answers.

View the show Chasing the Cancer Answer

Effectiveness of Electro-dermal Testing

for Detection of Food Sensitivities

(Excerpted from Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 8, Number 4, Winter 1995)

A controlled, comparative study of various ways of testing for food sensitivities, performed by Julia Tsuei M.D., which compared blood, scratch, cytotoxic, food challenge and electro-acupuncture testing, the electro-acupuncture results proved to be accurate and reproducible. This study revealed that it was non-invasive but demonstrated great sensitivity.

A Bibliography of Studies and Articles by Associates of the Foundation
for East-West Medicine on the Electro-dermal Screening Test (EDST)

The BioMeridian MSAS test used in the clinic is advanced Electro-dermal Testing technology. This collection of references presents the scientific background for use of these methods for body analysis.