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Lab Testing

The laboratory at IHA provides many diagnostic services to assist in understanding the underlying causes of your health concerns. Using blood, urine, hair, saliva, and stool samples, our clinic lab, or outside lab facilities, can measure simple blood values, or more complex factors.

Your medical physician usually uses the conventional medical lab to determine pathology and to make a diagnosis of illness. Many specialty techniques are used for this purpose. Of course this information is valuable to your naturopathic physician and should be made available. Although we are still able to perform standard blood tests, the focus at IHA is to use laboratory testing to find the information that will deepen our understanding of the underlying disturbances that lead to chronic health problems. Also, by identifying potential risk factors, it is possible to prevent more serious pathology or illness from developing.

Depending on your condition, we may look for:
  • toxic conditions,
  • heavy metal poisoning,
  • hormone levels,
  • cardiovascular risk factors,
  • oxidative stress values,
  • bowel disturbance,
  • parasites,
  • blood type
  • sympathetic / parasympathetic nervous system imbalance,
  • aging and degenerative indicators.
At IHA, special in-house diagnostic tools include:

Selecting and interpreting the tests that best serve your needs, is a part of the process of creating a comprehensive plan to help achieve your health goals.