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Nerve Express

One of the most important internal regulating systems within our bodies is the autonomic nervous system. This neurological system controls all of the "unconscious" processes of our physiology such as digestion, sleep, wakefulness, sexual arousal, ability to concentrate, pupil dilation and heart rate.

The Sympathetic portion rules the active, "fight or flight" mechanism. This is the accelerated response to stress that is left over from our reptilian brain function that helped us react when we were under attack.

The opposite effect is generated by the Parasympathetic nervous system. Examples of this, in our physiology, are the promotion of digestion, cellular repair and the ability to sleep.

As you can see, an understanding of the general "tone" of the autonomic nervous system would be extremely helpful in assessing whether someone is in a catabolic (breaking down) or anabolic (building up) state and this would then determine the nature and effectiveness of any therapy.

The Nerve Express is a diagnostic device that quickly and easily determines this tendency by measuring the heart rate in supine and standing positions. It also assesses how your health changes in response to different circumstances or therapeutics as well as your overall physical fitness as indicated by your response to stress.

The technology behind this device has been tested over the past twenty years and involved more than 15,000 patients with a resulting objectivity and reproducibility that recognises and classifies the 49 states of the Autonomic nervous system with a corresponding qualitative description of each one.