Scar tissue is a common cause of disturbance fields and any scar whether a small one from a childhood fall, from dental surgery or a major post surgical scar will set up interference. A scar has an electric charge about five times that of normal skin and can disrupt nerve flow. Scars that cross acupuncture meridian channels can block energy to those related organs and body parts.

A scar will hold injured or cut fascia, muscles and skin together, but it is not as flexible as the original tissue, so the underlying tissues cannot move as freely. George Goodheart D.C. uses the following analogy: “If someone pulls down hard on the left side of the shirt you are wearing, it makes it more difficult for you to raise your left arm. Treating your left arm would do little to relieve the decreased range of motion of your arm as long as the tension is exerted on your shirt. Loosening the tension on your shirt hem, however, does effectively produce a marked increase in the range of motion of your left arm because you are getting to the cause of your problem and fixing it.” The treatment of scars with neural therapy, even decades old ones, has consistently been an important factor in increasing mobility, reducing pain and improving movement and function.