The Toggle adjustment is a gentle low force technique that can be performed on a patient without having to turn the neck or apply the type of force that results in a “clicking or cracking” noise.  This technique is very beneficial for patients who prefer to avoid the high velocity manipulation but still require the benefit of spinal adjustment.  There is no twisting or cracking of the neck, only a firm pressure on the atlas as the head piece of the table gently “drops”. Many patients feel as though very little or nothing has happened, although correction of the atlas has many far reaching benefits.

When looking for causal structural mechanisms which may lead to human dysfunction it is important to examine the upper cervical spine. Whether it is spinal cord pressure or pressure on cranial nerves or blood vessels at the skull base or other contributing factors there has been a long history of chiropractors looking at the atlas or 1st cervical vertebra as a primary factor in many conditions. Many practices are based upon the premise that the upper cervical spine in a sick person should be checked for atlas subluxation first, something which is rarely carried out. Many positive health benefits have occurred from this approach.

The upper cervical adjustment so named toggle recoil involves a contact by the practitioner on the atlas transverse process to carry out the adjustment. The Palmer Recoil has been taught since 1909-10, and is still the basic fundamental of the present Palmer Torque-Toggle-Recoil in use in Hole-in-One. The efficient delivery of the Palmer Recoil is to secure, relaxation on the part of the patient immediately before and during the delivery of the external adjustive force. The adjustive force occurs with great speed, followed by a swift withdrawal of the contact point of his adjusting hand, so as not to resist the natural recoil of the patient. The object is to enable the Innate Intelligence of the patient to perform its part in completing the adjustment.

Anyone who has experienced a modern day TOGGLE RECOIL adjustment will tell you that, when delivered correctly this adjustment is very tolerable and very effective.