Dr Hal Brown, Naturopathic Physician
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A comprehensive physical examination.

Your First Visit
Welcome to our Naturopathic Clinic
Analysis of Your Condition
As a new client, your health needs will be assessed carefully in a number of ways. You can expect a thorough case history to be taken, and a related examination performed. Based on the outcome of this initial meeting, further laboratory testing or other examinations and/or testing may be suggested. Any other recent medical reports you are able to bring with you would be helpful in understanding your condition. The consultation will be followed by a session with my clinical assistant. She may perform further tests or examinations related to your condition or give you an EIS Electro Interstial Scan a non-invasive method of electromagnetic assessment.

A second follow-up visit will be booked where either more testing may occur and/or your test results will be explained and suggestions will be made as to whether you can be helped by naturopathic medicine and what treatment program would be appropriate.


Dr Brown taking blood pressure
Personal treatment based on your needs
Personal Treatment Program
Your personal treatment program will be based upon your current needs as we work together to help your body to restore normal functioning and heal itself. Your progress will be monitored to ensure that you receive the best results.